On a dark, lonely night a woman is haunted by a Saxophonist.

As the sad song of a saxophone plays, we see a woman waiting at home for the man she loves. Haunted by loneliness, paranoia and the sound of the Saxophonist outside, her mind plays tricks on her. Will her man come home and save her before it's too late?


Director's Statement

Write about what you know, they say. Well, my background, my past, where I come from... what I know means I should inevitably create political work. How else when you've been through a civil war, been an asylum seeker, a refugee and a member of the African diaspora for the last twenty years? But my artistic sensibility doesn't agree with 'political' work. So I strive to create work that isn't 'political' (judgemental and dogmatic) yet contain a political element (have some message). THE BLUES LOVER bears reference to Roman Polanski's REPULSION. The film is, at its core, the story of a woman on whom a crime is committed. Some will also see a comment on race politics (the relationship between the white (European) woman and the black (African) man), others won't.

Ery Nzaramba